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Our Services

beautiful roomOur Promise

The customer Promise is our commitment to providing the very best standard of care and support for our clients. This can be seen right from the homely environment to the high standard of planned activities.

The Home

  • Purpose built
  • The structure of the home conforms to registration guidelines
  • The home has a mixture of suitable decorations
  • Décor and furnishings are well maintained and in good condition
  • High quality, safe fixtures and fittings

The Rooms

  • En-suite bathrooms
  • Fully fitted furniture
  • Personal possessions such as ornaments, pictures and small items of furniture are welcomed
  • Security features – window locks, smoke alarms and an emergency pull cord
  • Individual room keys for resident

Atmosphere and the Way Staff Work

  • Clients and staff interact appropriately with each other, showing respect and dignity
  • Staff knocks on doors and do not appear intrusive in their reactions with clients
  • Staff team works in a way with clients that enable them to make choices and participate in chosen activities

Involvement, Choice and Opportunities

  • Clients are supported to go to their places of worship
  • Cultural differences are respected and encouraged as per choice, and staff time is made available to make this happen.
  • Clients are involved where appropriate in helping with shopping, cleaning, laundry and cooking to develop their independent living skills
  • Clients where appropriate are involved in decisions about the home through residents meetings, meeting with the key worker, consultation on decoration changes and changes in routines. These are recorded
  • Other forms of communication are used where the individuals do not have verbal communication skills


  • Clients have appropriate activities which promote communication, integration and participation within the home and in the community
  • Activities are appropriate to individual needs and are reviewed regularly
  • There is a plan in the house of activities where appropriate for each client
  • Activities scheduled actually happen

Resident Support

  • Clients are given appropriate level of support to make informed choices about their appearance
  • Dress is appropriate to age and culture
  • Support is given to ensure that the client’s respect and dignity are maintained
  • All clients have a named key worker and the key worker system is effective
  • Care is reviewed regularly on at least three monthly intervals. Goals set and decisions made at reviews are implemented


  • Pictorial complaint procedure is displayed on the notice board
  • The clients’ Handbook is user friendly and also contains pictorial complaint procedure
  • Clients and their family members are given appropriate information about the complaints procedure

If you are looking to learn more about our services and how we can help you, please do not hesitate to give us a call now at 0208-771-6201.