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About Us

caretaker cleaning the floor while senior woman sitting on the sofaCare Elite Limited is a company that provides homes for care within the specifics of Aspergers, Autistic Syndrome, learning difficulties, dementia, mental health issues and associated conditions. Care services are classified and include supported living, dementia care, domiciliary care, forensic and rehabilitation. There are many individual homes coming on stream, and others at present are functional to the QAF Framework and CQC registration. All staff for the different homes are provided and managed by Care Elite Limited.

Promoting independence is the key aim of Care Elite Limited. Although people’s individual needs differ, the starting presumption is that of independence. Care Elite Limited provides the necessary support needed to maximize this.

The choice is at the heart of a respectful approach. Care Elite Limited believes that everyone should have a real say about:

  • Where they live
  • Who looks after them
  • The care and support they receive

In other words, everyone should be able to make choices. Care Elite Limited provides the help and support necessary to be able to make these choices. Care Elite Limited may facilitate a person to make informed choices by working in partnership with them, their families, the Community Learning Disability Team, Primary Health Care Trust and independent advocates such as People First and Age Concern.

Every person has legal and civil rights. Care Elite Limited is committed to preserving these rights. People have the right to express their opinions, and where necessary, Care Elite Limited will help and support people to do so by working in partnership with the relevant professionals.

Currently, one of Care Elite Limited’s homes is Selhurst House which provides care under supported living and also offers care for adults with mental health issues, schizophrenia, bi-polar disorders, and challenging behaviors associated with personality disorder and anxiety. We accept participants aged 18-65 years old. Selhurst House is located in South Northwood, Croydon. The home is purpose-built and furnished to an exceptionally high standard, providing elegance and comfort.

We believe Selhurst House is your home and we like you to treat it exactly like your home. It is a home away from home.

Selhurst House practices total inclusion policy. This means everyone is included in all aspects of their care and support. Clients are encouraged to become involved in their individual care plans and assessments.

In pursuit of the goal of safeguarding high standards of care, Care Elite Limited is committed to ensuring that all staff members are properly trained and supported in caring for people.

The care which people receive reflects not only the expertise and experience of the care workers but also best practice outlined within relevant clinical guidelines. Care Elite Limited meets the standards outlined in National Care Standards, Care Quality Commission (CQC), as well as the Quality Assessment Framework (QAF) of the Supporting People.

Selhurst House has a parking space for two cars, as well as landscaped garden which is a great source of enjoyment to those who are under our care. The home provides opportunities for therapeutic events, development of daily living skills, relaxation, group and individually tailored activities and others. These are in preparation for moving on to totally independent living which we consider paramount.

At Selhurst House, services are tailored towards the specific needs of the individuals whilst respecting their choices and wishes. This is carried out through “active support”. We invest much in our staff by way of training to enable them to be up to date in care delivery.


Selhurst House is committed to providing the right quality of care at the right time, in the right homely environment which respects individual wishes whilst meeting their physical, social, psychological, spiritual and developmental needs. The home has been so designed to cater for the specific needs of all vulnerable adults, including wheelchair users.

We know how difficult it must be for you to have to give up your own home, whether it is for a few weeks or long term. We accept there is no substitute for it, although, we believe we can with your co-operation and with support from family and friends, make the transition easier for you and assist you to make Selhurst your home.

Great emphasis is placed on the four key principles of rights, independence, choice and inclusion, as enshrined in the Department of Health White Paper ‘Valuing People’.